Channeled Writing: Following the unfamiliar road


You are uncertain of whether to follow this new path. That is good. You are using discernment. Keep reading, learning and investigating, but also keep an open mind. Learn to know whether something feels right and loving. I do not want you to blindly follow anything. It is difficult in the beginning to know whether you are listening to fear or love, since you have been so badly taught for so long.

You had reached a glass ceiling. All that is known hasn’t been enough. Is it surprising that the unknown would now appear, leading you down a different path, a unknown road with no signposts or familiar faces?

Do not despair. New friendly faces will appear, giving you the direction and encouragement you need to make it. Just put one foot in front of the other, trust the inexplicable knowledge that comes, and walk toward home.


What is My Purpose? — Channeled Writings

I asked, “What is my purpose?” and the Voice responded…

“Have you ever talked to the moon?

Sat beside a tree and felt comforted?

Watched a sparrow searched for food without care?

Listened to a babbling stream?

Found joy listening to a child’s laughter?

Rejoiced in others’ accomplishments?

Helped a stranger?

Planted a tree?

These things are your purpose.

To love and share the experience of life.”