Shaman Elizabeth Herrera’s newest novel is a daring adventure inspired by real-life events and indigenous wisdom–Press Release

Earth-Sentinels-Cover-kindleThe author, Shaman Elizabeth Herrera, incorporated some of her own experiences into the new novel Earth Sentinels: The Storm Creators, which features compelling characters, such as the fallen angel Bechard, shamans, spiritual beings and the earth’s creatures, who collaborate with supernatural powers to fight against greed, corruption and indifference, demanding that mankind changes its way…or else.

Elizabeth was raised in a Christian home, but lost her faith in her early twenties. For over a decade, she searched for something to fill the void, eventually discovering Native American spirituality. Through this spiritual practice, she unexpectedly became a catalyst for healing and miracles. These events led her back to a belief in a higher power.

Her father was raised by her great-grandfather, who was a full-blooded Apache that smuggled sugar and flour from Mexico into Texas, exchanged gunfire with Texas Rangers and crossed paths with Pancho Villa.

One of the supernatural scenes that appears in Earth Sentinels was based on the time Elizabeth went to a tree farm. She explains, “While my husband and I walked through the rows of trees, I notice a sad, wilted tree lying on its side against a woodchip pile. I heard it whisper, ‘Help me.’ Since this was at the very beginning of my spiritual journey, I ignored the plea for help, thinking it was my imagination, but the next time I passed the tree, it called out again. I tried to ignore it, and the third time we walked near it, I actually avoided making eye contact. Funny! Right? Trying to avoid a tree,” Elizabeth muses. “Anyway, in Earth Sentinels I wrote about a tree that calls out for help because it is being killed by the chemicals that are being pumped into the land by the natural gas fracking process. Two of the main characters are brought together when they hear the tree’s pleas.” Elizabeth adds, “By the way, I did buy the real tree, which grew into a lovely specimen.

“There are other events from my life that are mixed into the story as well, such as the shamans talking to hurricanes and the totem animals that help to save the day. I believe we are all connected, which means we are all part of the problem and the solution.”

Laine Cunningham, award-winning author, stated, “This is one of those books that’s going to stand alongside classics. Drawing from Native American wisdom and the beliefs of a world filled with respect for nature and its spiritual elements, Herrera has created a global book of wisdom for a global world.”

The Earth Sentinels: The Storm Creators eBook is on sale for .99¢ on Amazon through the first weekend of August. The paperback is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine bookstores.


Earth Sentinels: The Storm Creators, visionary fiction, 270 pages ISBN-13: 978-0692225318


Author Shaman Elizabeth Herrera, is a shamanic healer, poet, activist and author who writes life-changing books. Her stories encourage people to stretch outside their comfort zones and reexamine their own beliefs.

She is also the author of Shaman Stone Soup, and Dreams of Dying.

Buy |  Amazon USA | UK
Buy |  Amazon USA | UK

Genre: Visionary Fiction, Metaphysical Fiction, Urban Fantasy



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