The Black Mist Poem

black mist


A black mist churns,

Discourse, fear and anger.

Separated by darkness,

Few see the flame,

Pawns in sadistic game.


Few brave souls dare,

Catch snippets of truth,

Concealed in the air.

Secretly plotting their escape,

Hiding as sleuths,

Beneath invisible capes.


Full moon reflecting,

A greater might.

Pounding hearts,

Flee warm beds,

Under cover of night.


Broken shackles disarray,

Darkness screeches rage.

Tracking bolstered prey,

On a broken-glass stage.


Escaping tyrannous hands,

Rebels scourer,

Over treacherous trails.

never turning back,

For to leave is attack.


Haunched teeth bared,

Control and force.

Armies climb down,

A tyrannical chain,

Prey and predator,

One and the same.


With fearful scope,

The all-seeing eye,

Extinguishes light.

For change is death,

For those who worship the night.

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