Spirits of the Past, Present and Future

Excerpt from the book Shaman Stone Soup

Shaman Stone Soup“The miracle extends without your help, but you are needed that it can begin. Accept the miracle of healing, and it will go forth because of what it is. It is its nature to extend itself the instant it is born.” — A Course in Miracles

The first time that I taught a shamanic journeying class, an amazing miracle occurred.

The class was held at a metaphysical bookstore in Fort Myers, Florida. Initially six students signed up for the class, but as each week passed, fewer and fewer students attended. However, there was one woman who was eager to be there. “Irene” had shamanic journeyed for years, but had hit a blockage that she couldn’t seem to overcome, and hoped the class would help her.

Every week, Irene showed up ready to learn, and made remarkable progress in her shamanic journeying skills, eventually moving past the blockage. 

By the time the final class came around, Irene was ready to perform her first healing. Since she was the only student who showed up that evening, we agreed she would perform a healing for me and I would perform one for her.

My healing request was to know whether I should stay in the graphic design field, which had been my career for over 20 years, and Irene, who was contemplating leaving her husband, wanted to know if it was in her best interest to do so. She had a small child and very much wanted to keep her family intact, but her husband was emotionally distant and noncommunicative, and she was tired of working on the relationship.

After we had finished shamanic journeying, Irene offered her healing results first. In her journey, she had seen words being spray-painted on a wall, but had been unable to read the message. Symbolically it seemed clear to me: The writing was on the wall. It was time to move on.

During the healing for Irene, I had asked the spirits to show me what Irene and her husband’s life was like together, and I saw them sitting in the living room—each in their own seat. There didn’t appear to be anything out of the ordinary, so I requested to see how she would fare without her husband, and three spirits came and escorted him away. I then saw her sitting there alone, but not much else changed. It seemed for her whether he was there or not had little impact.

The vision continued and I saw Irene and her husband getting married, which was odd since they were obviously already married. Her husband was waiting for her at the altar—although he looked like the beast from Beauty and the Beast. Then I was shown the two of them having romantic interludes with bubble baths and champagne, and him offering her pearls.

When the healing was over, I described the vision to Irene, but it didn’t make sense to either of us at the time. However, she called me several days later very excited to share what had happened since the healing. 

Irene said that after the class, she went home to what seemed like an ordinary evening. She had taken care of a few things and gone to bed without saying much to her husband or discussing the healing. 

During the night, Irene was awakened by her husband who was sobbing. When she turned to him, he began hugging her and repeatedly telling her how much he loved her. He then asked her to renew their marriage vows! He explained that three spirits had visited him. The spirits of the past, present and future had shown him his entire life and spoke of the importance of their marriage for his spiritual growth.

The visiting spirits had an immense impact on her husband, who had a complete transformation, which led to a renewal of their love and passion for each other. As Irene put it, “The sex was better than when we first met!” And I was thinking, “If only I could package this!”

Both Irene and I were surprised at how the healing had affected her husband. The healing demonstrated that a miracle can extend itself in ways that we can’t even begin to imagine.

Message from the Spirit: The purpose of the healing was not to restore their marriage, but to restore their spiritual path. The restoration of the marriage was a fringe benefit. Although many are shown the way to enhance their spiritual path, most choose not to follow. Time itself was made by you to avoid returning to your true selves, and most, when given a choice, will turn away from what is so clearly seen and simple to follow.

A healing was provided, divine intervention was given, and the path was shown. The decision to follow, or not, was entirely theirs.

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